Commercial Testimonials

Maintenance and Snow Removal

Re: Maintenance
I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service we have received over the past several years. Our lawn is always beautifully maintained and you personally provided exceptional customer service, always just a phone call away and catering to whatever need we may have.


Re: Maintenance
I want to thank your company for years of great service. Visitors to my property often remark that it looks like a resort because it is so well manicured.

J.C. , CEO

Re: Maintenance
As always, I wanted to thank you and your entire team for everything that they have done this past year. From your crew helping out with preparing the site for the big meeting to the amazing job they do at the main property. You are very fortunate to have such a dedicated team.

L.T., Manager of Grounds

Re: Maintenance
We have always been pleased with the work your company does, going back to the 1970’s… that’s a long history! Many thanks again.

L.R. , Association Resident

Re: Maintenance
You work miracles. Thank you for all of your care and consideration at our site, it makes such a difference for our residents.

SM , Center Administrator

Re: Snow removal
You did an absolutely incredible job maintaining the properties over the weekend. I received so much positive feedback from our tenants regarding how quickly and cleanly everything was managed, and that your crews worked very hard.

I.U. , Operations Manager

Re: Snow removal
Once again, I just have to send along another favorable report from the Sales Manager. Whomever is doing the snowclearing at our project its awesome.

D.C. , Director, Leasing and Property Services

Re: Snow removal
I just wanted to let you know that the snow removal is awesome for our building! Your employees have been working tirelessly on getting all of the snow removed. I’m feeding them hot coffee! Great crew! Thank them for us.

J.S. , Unit 307

Re: Snow removal
I wanted to let you know that your teams did a great job getting us cleared for business on Monday. I know what I dealt with at home so I can only imagine what your folks had to deal with.

T.L. , Facilities Manager

Re: Snow removal
 I would like to commend the workers for an excellent job they did with the removal of snow in the parking lot. Hopefully the temps stay above normal. Enjoy the rest of the week and have a nice sunny weekend.

B. V. , Tennant

Re: Snow removal
Thanks again! My boss sent me a note letting me know that your staff was still working when he left the building after 9:00 p.m. and he appreciated the work that was done.

CB , Office Manager , Facilities

Re: Snow removal
Just want to convey in reference to the snow removal project of the past few days, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the high mark, the removal crew gets a 10 plus!
The job performance from the crew was above and beyond what everyone expected and was well received.
Many thanks and please convey to the crew our thanks for a job very well done!

AP, Property Manager